Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paola Longoria Suspended For First WPRO Pro Event

Racquetballjunkie.com is reporting that WPRO Paola Longoria has been suspended for the first WPRO pro event of the 2011-2012 season due to some disciplinary action she faced from an event during the 2010-2011 season. Longoria will miss the Ektelon WPRO Texas Open in Dallas, TX which will be August 26-28, 2011. Is this really healthy or fair to the players and sponsors of the WPRO event in Texas?
There is much talk about the actions that were taken against Longoria who was disciplined for her actions that took place at the Stockton pro event last April.


  1. Leo, what did she do in Stockton?

  2. Re: http://www.meetandplay.com/Thread/View/16571/2010-11-year-end-wrap-up-by-dave-ellis

    "Paola was extremely disappointed, to say the least, and she caused a scene with her subsequent actions. She went on to post derogatory comments about the WPRO on social media. These actions resulted in multiple fines and a suspension of the first tournament in the 2011 – 12 season."

  3. Sorry for the delayed reply everyone, I forgot I have to check my inbox for posted comments. The above link does explain some of what happened. I did interview Paola about this and she did say she became upset and did not agree with what happened at the time. I don't blame her for getting upset but I guess others saw it differently and didn't approve of her behavior and how she handled herself. I think Paola is a great champion and one negative public display of emotion does not make her a bad person.