Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting Ready For The US OPEN

Just wanted to let everyone know that due to my involvement with the US OPEN Racquetball Championships, I will not be able to host a LIVE show tonight, Sunday-Sept. 25 on I do appreciate all the watchers and listeners and hope you can make it a week without all the live interviews and fun, and I can give my co-host Eddie Vann and Sunday off.
I have been doing my fair share of work behind the scenes that goes beyond my Media Coordinator position and involvement with this year's US OPEN. I am working with someone in Minneapolis to bring inner city youth kids to the US OPEN and provide them an unforgettable experience at the event. We are coordinating some projects and activities to make sure this happens. Nearly 100% of my time has been devoted to start this program since we did not make the connection until after the US OPEN started last year. I will be having two conference calls tonight about the program and can't make the show happen tonight.

I am excited that I will be doing something that goes beyond racquetball and could possibly change the lives of kids that are not so fortunate. I saw my good friend Kane Waselenchuk do this last year at the US OPEN as he befriended a young man that seemed like he was down on his luck and also needed a role model or a father figure. This young man had wondered into the Life Time Fitness looking for a job, didn't have much money and was wanting to see what was happening inside the club. Kane just happened to be standing there and started talking to him and asked him if he played racquetball. That led to Kane asking him if he wanted to watch one of his matches and extended an invitation. He accepted and rode the bus to the Life Time Fitness-Target Center for all of Kane's matches including the finals. The picture above was taken after the finals on Sunday and you can see Devin there on the right side kneeling.

I will keep you all posted on this program and hope you all enjoy a good Sunday of football.

See you at the US OPEN!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

IRT 2011-2012 Begins

Winning a Tier 1 IRT event on the Men’s IRT tour seems to have eluded most of the players currently playing professional racquetball; in fact, Rocky Carson and Alvaro Beltran are the only full-time players currently on tour that have won a Tier 1 event since “King Kane” took over. This weekend, Kane Waselenchuk will take his streak of 113 matches won on the court (i.e., not counting forfeits) to Overland Park, KS for the 12th Annual Ghost of Georgetown Championships presented by NovaSors.
This event kicks-off the 2011-2012 season for the IRT and promises some exciting match-ups in the early rounds. 

To watch online visit:

To view the draws visit:

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Watch Our Recorded Show from Sunday-Sept. 4

You can view one of the recorded show's here below. Just click the play button on the video player. Or you can visit our Ustream Channel and sign-up for a free Ustream account as well. Our channel is:

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