Donate is an independent racquetball project to bring more awareness to the sport. Spinning false information into truth is not something you will find on But leveraging the positive will be a staple. Too much negative weighs us all down. We will tackle the hard issues but we will not reside only on the negative side of the debates and conversations. We want you to expect us to always leave you with a positive after-taste.
We would like to improve our live stream broadcast with higher quality equipment such as cameras, broadcasting software and monthly fees for the music license.
If you would like to donate any amount of money towards the production of the show click the secure PayPal button below. Thank you in advance...and thanks for supporting

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Racquetball Junkie would like to recognize our sponsors and donors. This is a small start-up with no bankroll, all production costs are spent directly from our own personal funds. We appreciate anything you can donate to help keep our show on the air.


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